The facts about the video poker myths

Like any other casino game, some myths surround video poker. There are supposedly thousands of ways and stories of how to increase your chances of winning and betting the machine. The origin of myths lies in the way people judge events in their lives. Poker myths arise as follows: A person sits at a vending machine and has a lucky streak in the middle of a bigger bad luck streak. This person might think back to this event and tell himself that the only thing that was different was the pair of shoes she had on. This can lead to the person thinking that the shoes have something to do with his gain. But most of us know that’s impossible.
Here are 2 interesting myths:
Even if games have exactly the same payout table, some pay more than others.

Not true. The fact is, a card game with 52 cards has the same probability that one hand turns up each round. All poker machines use random numbers to create a 52-card game. Since the machines are built from digital electronics, the chances are the same at each machine. No matter what casino you are in or what slot you play, the chance of getting a royal flush is the same. If you want to find a machine that pays you more money, you just have to be armed with a good strategy and you have an advantage over other people.
Most of the time putting brings the worst cards
For some reason, this myth originated in the nineties. People started to believe that the more money they put, the smoother the cards they get. Of course that’s not the case. Every hand has exactly the same probability, no matter how much money you put. There is no way the bet can change the odds of making good cards.